About us

We are a team of entrepreneurs from various backgrounds who joined hands together on a mission to improve the quality of lives of farmers in India by providing them opportunities to sell their products in various markets across India and overseas with the help of our cutting-edge technology in procurement, supply-chain, and marketing





Our Technology

Supports end-to-end logistics from farmers to consumers including order-taking, procurement, transportation, warehousing, and distribution.
Makes supply chain activities easier and cost-effective.
Gives full control of the supply chain.
Scalable and evolving as per market requirements.

Our Procurement

We build healthy relationships with various sourcing points in India and work towards identifying and connecting the wide network of India’s agriculture sector.

Our Pricing

We capture daily price fluctuations in the Procurement market and Consumer market and build an automated pricing mechanism to reach consumers with better prices

Our Supply Chain

We build a system of transportation & warehousing that minimizes wastage and keeps quality intact

We adopt an evolving strategy to reach maximum B2B customers in a limited time to grow revenue consistently and build an ROI-based business model that is profitable

Our Team

We recruit the right people with positive attitudes who are passionate about startups to meet the goals and objectives of the company as a team further resulting in personal growth as well as professional development