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Our Vision

To deliver quality agro products in demand to people across the world in different forms without any compromise in its quality and to deliver it in a way that satisfies all stakeholders from farmers to consumers and become one of the leading agri-tech companies in India and overseas

Meet The Founders

Abdul Rasheed PP


Jahfar TT


Hisham VM


Mohammed Musthafa VM

Procurement Lead

The Real Problems & Our Solutions

Farmers in India say agriculture is like a lottery. Sadly, farmers often do not get the right price for their produce, which is why they feel agriculture is like a lottery.
Our Solution

  • By informing farmers from time to time about the Demand – Price – Quality features of the consumer markets, they can better align their cultivation accordingly and get away with price volatility and wastage.
  • By providing advisory services based on best farming practices and assistance with crops health monitoring, farmers can increase yield efficiency and reduce wastage.

The current supply chain is resulting in significant wastage of agricultural produce
Our Solution

  • Using proper packaging which protects the products from being damaged during loading, unloading, transportation .etc
  • Transporting goods in adequately ventilated and reefer trucks helps in improving the shelf life of the products
  • Using ventilated cold storage technologies that help products from sprouting

Retailers often lack a reliable supplier who ensures product grading across the season
Our Solution

  • By having a wide network of sourcing points, across the season, KartoKart ensures only the products that meet our quality criteria are being procured
  • Proper sorting, grading, and quality check at both the procurement warehouse and Kartokart warehouse to ensure consistency in product quality across the season
  • Utilizing cold storage services to ensure the availability of products across the season

The premium variety of products is rarely available or available for a limited period at local markets
Our Solution

  • The premium product varieties are expensive and seasonal. Since high-volume trading won’t happen in this segment, traditional market players have seemed less interested in it. However, we take efforts to make them available to our customers across the season that too for the best price.

Retailers are risked with if any product damage or quality issues to the products purchased from local suppliers/market
Our Solution

  • We take responsibility for the products that we deliver to the customer by having a proper return/replacement policy in place.

The retailers are often not getting proper customer care service from the local suppliers/market
Our Solution

  • We deliver value to the customers by providing the best customer service, product knowledge sharing, training programs, mementos, etc

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